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Doot Poktoy Surfing Paradise

Casarica and Huyamao Islands

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CarCanMadCarLan - an old peaceful place in Surigao where seafoods are a plenty. A tourist destination uncorrupted by commercialism. Home to beautiful beaches, white sand islands, and great mountain ranges.

In CCMCL, our smiles are never hidden. They are given generously, warmly, and whole heartedly. More than a gesture of welcome, they are a sign that all is well.

Discover the reasons of our smiles. Our natural wonders. Bargain goods. Our ecotourism sites. Rich and colorful traditions. And exciting adventures. Discover Cantilan. And discover how easy it is to smile once more.

Make more adventure and experience in your travel to the Philippines by visiting Cantilan!

Indeed, travel to Surigao Islands provides a perfect ambiance to frolic in the sun, sand, and sea.

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